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What to expect in a Contemplative Shiatsu treatment:

Contemplative Shiatsu treats the whole person - body, mind and spirit. This promotes deep relaxation, improved vitality and healing.

Every effort is made to have the experience of a Contemplative Shiatsu treatment be relaxing and peaceful. Because of the techniques involved, Contemplative Shiatsu is performed on the floor, on an all-cotton futon. Touch ranges from gentle to powerful but always within the client's range of comfort.

One should avoid wearing any perfumes - wear loose, comfortable clothing and refrain from eating a large meal prior to the treatment. The client lays comfortably on a mat on the floor. An assessment is made - based on the information you bring about your concerns or area of discomfort. Contemplative Shiatsu works on a much deeper level than conventional massage. Generally the whole body is treated - with concentration on the areas of concern and the root of the symtoms.

I encourage clients to reflect on their lifestyles to get beyond the symptoms and to the root of the issue. This can include stress reducing techniques, nutrition, body movement/stretches and counselling, to name a few. Together we can work towards supporting the balance of internal and external environments that will lead to living in harmony and peace.


Initial Contemplative Shiatsu consultation
(includes Shiatsu treatment)
Contemplative Shiatsu treatment: 1 hour$120.00
Contemplative Shiatsu and
Traditional Eastern Head massage: 1.5 hour
Women's Mindfulness-Based Support Group led by Ann MacKinnon
at the Institute of Traditional Medicine
Auricular Acupuncture Treatment