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Treating the Whole Being: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Soul / Spiritual

   By Gayle Horton - DMH, DHHP

Having consciously studied natural systems of health for most of my life, with a particular emphasis on principled medicine, I now practice Heilkunst, the 'art of wholing'. My lifelong interest in natural forces, both in science and art, has led me to pursue the grounded efficacy of this approach, which expands upon traditional schools and offers the rightful jurisdiction of therapeutics. Even as a young child, growing up immersed in nature, I realized that there was more to the remediation of healthy functioning than was understood. Samuel Hahnemann's complete system of medicine, Helikunst, speaks fully to my life experience of disease and suffering and the health and education of those I see. Here's a brief glimpse of the history of Heilkunst and the treatment approach I offer in my practice. Enjoy!

Heilkunst was founded by a German doctor, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, over 200 years ago. Dissatisfied with the basis of the medicine of his day, which is still the basis of allopathic medicine in our time, Dr. Hahnemann set out to observe nature and to discover the natural laws that govern health and disease. Heilkunst, or the art of making people healthy in all aspects, is the name given by Dr. Hahnemann to the complete system of medicine and health found in his writings, most notably the Organon der Heilkunst, his central work. Homeopathy is only one part of this remarkable system. Heilkunst is the term used for the true system of healing and curing. It has the meaning of the art (Kunst) of making a person whole (Heil which is the origin of the Old English word "hale," as in hale and hearty). Hahnemann uses the term Heilkünstler to describe the true physician, namely one who practices in accordance with law and principles as laid down in the Organon and its appendices (the Extended Organon). A Heilkünstler is more than a homeopath or someone who operates solely in the area of the law of similars and solely against natural disease in terms of the use of medicine. A Heilkünstler also knows to use the law of opposites, and to treat non-natural diseases. The true physician has a deep understanding of the dual nature of the Living Power, unlike the ordinary physician who sees only the life-sustaining aspect either relying on it to treat disease, which it cannot do, or mistrusting it and relying on drugs and surgery to remove or suppress the effects that manifest in the physical body, including the mind.

Wholeness is equated with health. Disease is equated with division and parts. Heilkunst is the process of "wholing." Heilkunst is the process of "remediation," or of remedying the shattering of the natural wholeness of health. Remediation is perhaps the word that best captures the meaning of both healing and curing in english that is contained in the term wholing. Health and wholeness for Dr. Hahnemann is a profound state of spiritual evolution and health that allows each person to fulfill their divine purpose in life. The ability to use natural laws to achieve this state demands deep and careful powers of observation and discernment, which presupposes a profound state of health on the part of the physician. Medicine must be grounded in natural law and operate according to scientific principles. The ability to practice medicine on this basis demands skills that go beyond the purely mechanical or technical. Thus, Heilkunst is ultimately an art form, as well as being the highest scientific form of expression of human knowledge. To be a true physician is to be as Dr. Hahnemann termed it, a Heilkünstler, or one who practices Heilkunst — the art of making people whole (at all levels).

Heilkunst offers relief for current symptoms, effective removal of old trauma and thought patterns from our system, reaching deeply into our genetic background to eradicate the inherited diseases which are the root cause of all health problems. Due to its particular methods of diagnosis and treatment, Heilkunst is a highly individualized treatment and each patient is guaranteed a unique choice of remedies and pace of therapy that will be most effective in their particular case. The real question is in understanding what principle is being applied in any given instance - similars, or opposites, in the context of a true diagnosis being rendered in each and every living case. Heilkunst is not defined by the fact that "homeopathic" remedies are used, or that a traumatic time line is followed, but it is the grand framework to understand and put into perspective the true meaning and effect of any given therapeutic activity within the context of moving an individual towards a greater state of "heilen". It includes all the 'modalities' that we know and apply now, and even the ones that have not been invented yet, that we may apply in the future. Heilkunst encompasses an extensive variety of health-promoting methods developed by courageous and independently-minded medical scientists, ranging from nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices, through various therapies to support one's innate natural healing power (massage, manipulation, energy work), to medicine (first aid, acute and chronic diseases) and into the realm of spiritual evolution. Each of these methods is interconnected through a dynamic system of timeless principles that allows the true physician to use them scientifically, that is on clear principles, as and when required, according to the form given by Nature herself for the attainment of true health. This is the true system of Western medicine, the evolutionary culmination of historical and creative forces to date.

Heilkunst is both healing and curing. There are three aspects to Dr. Hahnemann's complete medical system:

  • Regimen - which includes supplementation, proper food, activity and exercise, sleep, chelation, etc. and anything else that can only address an imbalance.
  • Medicine proper - which is based on the law of similars and which annihilates the diseases, and includes both homotonic prescribing (based on causation) and homeopathic (which only annihilates the secondary diseases that have grown out of the tonic diseases).
  • Therapeutic education - that is truth, which we work on in every consultation, trying to remove false beliefs (deeper concerns like I am worthless, I am not loveable, I don't deserve happiness, etc. to I need to vaccinate my child to protect her against diseases that are dangerous and other kinds of thinking).
  • Dynamic Blood Analysis
    It is now possible to place the analysis of live blood within a comprehensive framework of nosology, allowing for a deeper and more profound understanding of disease and imbalances and their effective treatment. These discoveries mean that much of current therapeutic advice taught is no longer valid, or only works palliatively and at times suppressively without removing the actual cause. Dynamic blood analysis takes the practitioner and client beyond simply providing general nutritional or other general advice for treatment of and protection against illness to understanding and promoting the vital connection between our life blood and what we think, feel and will. Unlike the typical old, dead blood analysis of allopathic medicine, live blood analysis shows you ALIVE how you are doing, what concerns there might be, or what you are doing right. You can see current issues, past issues, emotions, hydration, food sensitivities, metals, candida, whatever! Projected onto a screen for you to see, this blood analysis will offer a living opportunity to view your blood.

    Gayle Horton - DMH, DHHP
    Doctor of Medical Heilkunst
    Medical Arts
    Heilkunst & Dynamic Blood Analysis


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