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About Herbal Medicine

   By Monika Ghent

What is Herbalism?
Herbalism is a system of natural medicine that mainly uses herbs in the prevention or treatment of acute and chronic diseases and the maintenance of optimum health and wellbeing. The Western herbalist blends traditional herbal wisdom of Europe and the Americas with contemporary scientific knowledge while keeping to the philosophy of holism.

What is Disease?
The body strives to maintain a constant state of homeostasis or balance. If there is nothing preventing it from doing its job well, it will remain in a high level of health and can heal itself from any disease. If the body’s natural healing forces become so overwhelmed that they cannot maintain homeostasis, disease will occur. Stress, toxicity, poor nutrition, poor physical fitness, and emotional issues such as fear, grief, and anger are some of the common factors that inhibit the body’s innate healing capacities.

The Goal of the Herbalist:
The primary goal of the herbalist is to use herbs and other natural strategies to trigger, support, and accelerate the body’s innate healing mechanisms so that it may heal itself from any illness and regain homeostasis. To do this, the herbalist must discover the root cause of a person’s imbalance and not merely treat symptoms. To heal the illness without addressing the cause(s) of imbalance is a band-aid that only last temporarily and soon the person will again be in a state of poor health. Therefore, the herbal approach to healing is a holistic one in which the whole person, their body, mind, and spirit, their life experiences, and their uniqueness is considered when designing a treatment protocol.

Who Can Use Herbal Medicine:
Herbal medicine is a gentle, safe and effective healing modality for everyone. It is excellent for treating both acute and chronic illnesses, regardless of the seriousness of the disease.

Each treatment protocol is specifically designed for the individual by Monika to suit their needs and capacities. She also works with you to discover which diet and/or lifestyle issues have contributed to your illness. Realistic approaches will be discussed to help correct the causes of your imbalance.

The Process:
Acute illnesses:
If you have an acute illness, a herbal formula will be blended specifically for you that will effectively treat your illness. Other suggestions will be offered to speed you through the recovery process.

Chronic illnesses:
The first consultation lasts anywhere from 2 to 2½ hours. A full health history is taken and any past therapies or medical tests are assessed. Monika then designs an individual program that will include a herbal formula and diet and lifestyle suggestions. Follow up appointments at regular intervals are made to access your progress. The spacing between appointments can be anywhere from two to six weeks depending on your needs. This process is gradual and gentle, not a bombardment of all that needs improvement in your life. You must feel capable and confident in making changes however small so that you will eventually be able to maintain your level of health on your own. Depending on the condition, you should expect your healing process to take one month for every two years that you were ill. For some long-term chronic conditions, this means treatment may last for up to two years, but during that time you will enjoy increasing health and vitality.

About Monika Ghent:
Monika was trained at both the Dominion Herbal College and the Living Earth School of Herbalism and has been in private practice since 1997. The majority of the herbs she uses in her practice are local herbs that she harvested and prepared herself to ensure maximum strength and effectiveness. She also blends her own salves, creams, oils and other external products.

Initial Consultation (2 hours): $120.00
Follow-up Consultations (45 minutes to 1 hour): $60.00
Tincture (4-6 week supply): $45.00
Herbal tea blends (4-6 week supply): $20.00
Other costs: Supplements may be recommended which can be purchased at any health food store.
External remedies made specifically for you will be priced individually.

Phone: (416) 537-8842
Email: ghent7@sympatico.ca


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