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Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Lohan Movements

   By Shirley Russ

Around 520 A.D. a monk known as the Budidharma, travelled from India to the Shaolin Temple in China. He came to teach the monks Buddhism, including its sitting meditation practice. However he found the monks too weak physically to learn, since they spent most of their time praying and discussing religion. They refused the Budidharma's attempts to strengthen them and he in turn, retired to a cave. During the 8 years he spent in meditation there, he devised the Lohan set of movements. The set is brilliantly designed to do what we, 1500 years later, call "stretch and strengthen", while simultaneously stimulating all the meridians (or energy lines) in the body. Moreover, it is not difficult to learn!

In addition, the Lohan movements formed the basis of the famous Shaolin Temple Kung Fu, out of which grew the Tai Chi set. Often known as a moving meditation, the Tai Chi set is also a sophisticated means of defending oneself, keeping healthy and gaining spiritual awareness.

Chi Kung exercises use relatively simple movements to train our minds to focus on the flow of energy and on the breath. They're well designed to increase health by increasing energy flow and by keeping us in the present!

I feel truly fortunate to have studied Tai Chi for 30 years, and to have added Lohan, Kung Fu and Chi Kung along the way. When I teach, I use a positive, patient and encouraging approach that increases the overall confidence of my students. I assist my students in a precise, individualized and fun way.

I teach individually, in pairs and in groups and will build a course to match your needs.

What so ever you choose, you can do  

For more information contact:
Shirley Russ


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