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Natural medicinals:
Tapping into the body�s inherent ability to heal

   By ann mackinnon

Homeopathic remedies are derived from plant, mineral or animal substances. Just about anything found in nature. They are also based on organic and nonorganic � even metal and synthetic ingredients. Homeopathic medicine is based on the premise that like cures like.

Allopathic medicine works by suppressing symptoms of �illness� until the underlying illness subsides. Homeopathy prompts the body to fight that �illness�. Homeopathy employs infinitesimal amounts of an ingredient that, in larger doses, would actually cause the symptoms of the condition being treated. For example � coffea cruda (caffeine) a stimulant � might be prescribed for a person suffering anxiety and who needs calming. Another example is Nux vomica (poison nut) might be a treatment for someone with nausea.

The active ingredient in a homeopathic remedy is diluted a great deal � so that the active ingredients are an imprint � a kind of hologramic essence of energy left in the mixture. This occurs thru a process called potenization, which involves vigorous shaking that causes the imprint or energy transfer into the water/alcohol solution.

Commonly used Homeopathic Remedies

  • Kali bichromicum sinusitis (pressure at root of nose; thick, stringy mucus)
  • Coffea cruda insomnia (racing thoughts, hyper alertness) (this is potentized* coffee)
  • Ambrosia hay fever (runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes) (this is potentized* ragweed) *potentization; the process through which the healing potential is brought out.
  • Flowers Remedies

  • Rescue Remedy - A composite of five flowers that cover shock, panic, impatience, desperation and the tendency to lose consciousness. It is helpful in almost any acute situation, from stage fright to physical trauma. One of the five flowers in Rescue Remedy is Star of Bethlehem, which is a generic remedy for all psychic shock � i.e. any event that is traumatic to mind and emotions, from bad news to a serious physical blow. Used alone, it focuses on disorganizing effects of shock, while the five flower formula generalizes the effect to cover all emergency situations  


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